About us


Our company is a family business, which first started back in 1993. Through the amount of our hard and solid work the company transformed into the Ltd in 2016 and from that moment exists under the name DOLCZEDO SP. Z O.O.

From 25 years we conduct our business in the field of import and export between Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary. We are open for business within new markets. We cooperate with both big and smaller wholesale recipients.

Our first priority is the highest quality of products and customer service, which means for us: CLIENT SATISFACTION.

Mars, snickers, twix, coffee

Why Dolczedo?

Our company offers the sale of products in quantities that varies from pallets to truckloads. We supply both large customers and smaller wholesalers. We are a flexible company, that approaches every customer in a non-standard way. We are open to suggestions and strive to satisfy the customer at all the levels of cooperation.