Mr Madura Products

We present products in which, not only children have fallen in love, but also adults - our own brand of jellies and marshmallows Mr Madura.
Production in the EU. Translation on the packaging set individually at the customer's request. If you are interested - contact us.

  • Jelly Snakes (200g)
  • Jelly Hearts (200g)
  • Jelly Bears with marshmallow (200g)
  • Jelly Frogs (200g)
  • Jelly Gumix Sour (500g)
  • Jelly Gumix (200g)
  • Jelly Bears (500g)
  • Jelly Bears (200g)
  • Marshmallow Mix (200g)
  • Strawberry Marshmallow (200g)
  • Jelly Raspberries (200g)
  • Jelly Worms (200g)
  • Mandarin Marshmallow (200g)
  • Banana Marshmallow (200g)